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What It’s Like To Have A Life Tutor

October 13, 20222 min read

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Simply put, Life Tutors are trained accountability partners that are on your side. To give further detail and context about our Life Tutoring services, here is a short list of what the Life Tutor experience is all about.

What We Do

We support college students and professionals who simply want to get somewhere in life. Before entering a Life Tutoring arrangement with us, a simple intake session is required. This intake session serves 2 purposes:

1.) It helps to inform us about the client’s specific needs.

2.) It gives us crucial data to select and guide the Life Tutors match.


Clients and Life Tutors are matched based on their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and the specific needs of our clients.  

  • The relationship between a Life Tutor and their client begins with a one-hour goal setting and device maximization session.

  • Clients are guided in creating a Living Schedule on which to hang their daily life.

After the client’s goals are established, the Life Tutor models, demonstrates, and discusses how they will continuously break down the goals into actionable items.   

We Check In

  • One of our steps toward greater life satisfaction includes daily reminders and check-ins at a pre-arranged time that requires a response.

  • Another step is a weekly 30-minute pivot session. In each session, the client and Life Tutor reassess completed tasks and accomplishments. Over time, through repetition, the Life Tutor keeps the client on track and moving toward independence.

  • We use a communication app to check in with clients on a daily basis (5x a week), and through which our clients hold face-to-face virtual meetings each week. Life Tutors are available five days a week to provide resources and support through the obstacles that may arise at any time.

We Provide Accountability

  • Our company is very responsive to clients and Life Tutors to ensure they are working effectively together. Our Life Tutors are supervised weekly through data collection and meetings with their supervisors. 

  • We collect client feedback regularly and restrict contracts to no longer than 16 weeks to ensure the cycle of goal setting and attainment continues from contract to contract.

  • We strive to keep Life Tutors together with clients across contracts. It takes at least eight weeks of guidance and accountability tracking to see any independent improvement with the client. The longer the relationship, the greater the progress.

At My Life Tutors, we value the relationships between our clients and their Life tutors. We consistently survey our performance to measure the satisfaction of the Client/Life Tutor arrangement.  We understand that a poor match can be a waste of time and money, and we like to ensure we maximize both by fixing what needs improvement as soon as possible.  

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