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Tips To Cut Costs In College

Tips To Cut Costs In College
March 10, 20233 min read

Are you concerned about the rising costs of a college education? You are not alone. College is an expensive investment, and many students are looking for ways to cut both the time they spend in college as well as the costs. Luckily, there are several strategies you can implement to save money and get your degree faster. In this blog post, we will discuss nine different ways you can reduce the cost of college, from high school dual enrollment programs to alternative credit programs and work colleges. We will also highlight a few low-cost options for adults who have credits but no degree. By perusing the suggestions below, you can find ways to cut your college costs and still achieve your educational goals.

High School Dual Enrollment Programs

Many colleges accept credits from other colleges more readily than from lower scores on AP tests. This is why high school dual enrollment programs can be a great way to save money and graduate faster. Some students can even graduate with a high school diploma and an associate's degree. Check with your state's homeschool organization to find out more about dual enrollment programs in your area.

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CLEP Exams

Another way to save money and graduate faster is to take College Level Examination Programs (CLEP) exams. Before enrolling in college, check which CLEP exams the school accepts. By taking CLEP exams, you can earn college credits for subjects you already know, saving you time and money.

Community College Classes

If you attend a state school, sometimes taking classes at a nearby community college can be a cost-effective way to earn credits. However, make sure to check that the credits will transfer before you pay for the classes.

Accelerated or Online Courses

Taking accelerated or online courses during summer or school breaks can be a great way to earn credits faster. Again, make sure the credits will transfer and count toward graduation before enrolling in these courses.

Campus Jobs with Tuition Remission

Some campus jobs offer tuition remission or housing remission benefits. For example, becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) can take care of your room and board expenses.

Alternative Credit Programs

There are several alternative credit programs that can help you earn credits faster and save money. For example, you can take self-directed credit-bearing courses online or enroll in Pearson Accelerated Pathways. Another option is to take a gap year with college credit.

A.  Online self-directed credit bearing courses

B.  Pearson Accelerated Pathways

C.  Gap Years with College Credit

Military Reserves

If you are interested in serving your country, joining the military reserves or coast guard reserves can provide tuition assistance while you serve.

State Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

For students with physical difficulties, medical conditions, learning differences, or developmental disorders, state vocational rehabilitation programs can provide support and resources for college.

Work Colleges

Finally, work colleges offer free tuition in exchange for part-time employment. While this may require a bit more work, it can be an excellent way to reduce college costs and gain valuable work experience.

For adults with credits but no degree, there are also low-cost options to complete their education. Websites like Operation Graduate and University Of The People offer online degree programs that can be completed at a fraction of the cost of traditional college programs.

In conclusion, there are many strategies you can use to cut college costs and graduate faster. From high school dual enrollment programs to alternative credit programs and work colleges, explore your options and find the best path for your educational goals.

Devin Greene

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