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The Relationship Between Executive Function and Neurodiversity

The Relationship Between Executive Function and Neurodiversity
August 25, 20222 min read

In this modern and technological world, the demands on our brainpower are ever-increasing. Skills like emotional regulation and time management are essential to success. These skills come easy to the neurotypical brain, which are pre-wired for these mental characteristics. But the neurodiverse brain tends to find challenge in executive functioning. There is hope….

According to an article by, the definition of executive functioning is “a set of mental skills…”, like time management, decision-making, and resource management to achieve a goal. 

Signs of good executive functioning include: 

  • self-awareness 

  • nonverbal working memory (related to sensory and spatial information)

  • verbal working memory (related to speech and language)

  • motivational regulation

  • planning and problem-solving

On the flip side, signs of poor executive functioning, or “executive functioning disorder” show 

  • Difficulty in remembering information

  • Challenges in planning and executing tasks

  • Issues with keeping items and information organized

  • Difficulty maintaining motivation

  • Struggles with emotional, impulse and/or attentional control

Again, there is hope…

Neurodiverse brains tend to be pre-wired for more creative functioning skills. Here are a few of the creative functioning skills of the neurodiverse brain:

  • higher levels of empathy

  • broad imagination that lends to innovation

  • the challenging of old and linear habits and

  • the profound ability to take in and analyze great amounts of data.

Executive functioning is not pre-wired in the neurodiverse brain. Yet neuroplasticity allows for the creation of new pathways within the brain. In other words, executive functioning can be taught and established in a brain that is not pre-wired with these skills. 

And that’s where we come in.

At My Life Tutors, we work with neuroplasticity. Our one-on-one tutoring offers practical systems for improving executive functioning. 

Some of what we teach and offer our clients:

From college students to professionals, we at My Life Tutors make champions out of our clients. We offer the difference that makes the difference.

Devin Greene

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