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Returning to College after a hiatus?

returning to college after a hiatus
July 30, 20221 min read

As I’ve said before, my own kid, after a long hiatus, decided to go back to school. I wasn’t willing to waste tuition money again.  So I went to find someone who could help him; I couldn’t find it and built this.  So what was I looking for?

  1.  Someone who wasn’t his mother - take the baggage and emotion out of it.

  2. Someone who could commit to the daily/weekly interaction

  3. Someone who could track his goals and provide proactive support and accountability

  4. Someone who had finished college in the last decade or so.

  5. Someone who would follow what I knew he needed.

Here’s what the research says:

  1. Habits are the framework upon which our lives run every day.  If you are consistent, a new habit can be formed in approximately 66 days.  (

  2. Lists have been proven to be an effective tool to be more productive and successful. (

  3. Having a relationship with a mentor can have a significant impact on whether or not a student persists and graduates from college.  (,and%20guide%20your%20decision%2Dmaking.) 

  4. Having an accountability partner significantly increases one’s ability to set and achieve goals (,into%20actionable%20and%20attainable%20steps.) 

  5. When ND students persist in college to graduation,  their outcomes tend to be much lower than their peers due to the lack of support at most colleges.  (

  6. 30 % of all college Students drop out before their sophomore year (,In%20the%20United%20States%2C%20the%20overall%20dropout%20rate%20for%20undergraduate,28%20countries%20in%20OECD%20studies.)  - for ND students its 3x as much. (

  7. Task attack skills can be taught. (   

And that’s what we do.


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