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International Day Of Acceptance

International Day Of Acceptance
January 19, 20233 min read

The International Day of Acceptance is a day dedicated to raising awareness and acceptance of physical, mental, and emotional differences in all their forms. It is celebrated annually on January 20th, and serves as a reminder that everyone should be accepted and valued for who they are, regardless of their unique abilities or challenges. 

We are all created unique; however, there are a lot of societal pressures to make the unique “normal”. The issue with normalcy is that it can pressure others (and ourselves) to conform to certain expectations, even if it does not align with our true selves. This can lead to feeling the pressure to hide or suppress our unique qualities and characteristics, which can be detrimental to their mental health and well-being.

So what does it mean to accept someone? Acceptance means acknowledging and respecting someone for who they are, without trying to change them. It means we are all unique, and embracing these unique people and attributes within them is to empower ourselves and others to be the one-of-a-kind individuals we were born to be.

The International Day of Acceptance was founded in 2010,  in honor of Annie Hopkins, who was wheelchair-bound, yet became a well-known advocate for acceptance. Hopkins is the creative founder of 3E Love, a nonprofit organization dedicated to Embracing diversity, Educating the community, and Empowering acceptance and love. She also created the “wheelchair heart” logo. Hopkins has firsthand experience with acceptance. Despite facing many challenges, like being wheelchair-bound, she persevered and went on to graduate from college and build a successful career.


Here are three ways that the neurodiverse community at colleges and universities in America can observe the International Day of Acceptance, honor Ms. Hopkins’ work, and embrace the beautifully unique qualities within ourselves.

  1. Attend events or workshops focused on neurodiversity (EMBRACE)

Many colleges and universities host events and workshops on the International Day of Acceptance that are specifically designed to educate and raise awareness about neurodiversity. These events can be a great opportunity to learn more about neurodiversity and to meet others who are also committed to promoting acceptance.

  1. Participate in social media campaigns (EDUCATE)

Social media is a powerful tool for raising awareness and promoting acceptance on an international level. Consider using your social media platforms to spread the word about the International Day of Acceptance and to share information about neurodiversity. Be sure to use hashtags like #InternationalDayofAcceptance and #Neurodiversity to connect with others who are celebrating the day.

  1. Advocate for change on your campus (EMPOWER)

In college, Annie Hopkins wanted to join a sorority, so she strongly encouraged more than 40 houses on campus to build ramps so she could participate in rush week. (See: Reasonable Accommodations blog)

The International Day of Acceptance is a great opportunity to advocate for change on your campus. Consider working with your college or university to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for neurodiversity. This could involve working with faculty and staff to develop more inclusive policies, creating student groups or organizations focused on neurodiversity, or even just having conversations with your peers about the importance of acceptance.

On the International Day of Acceptance, we can all take a moment to reflect on the importance of acceptance and remember that everyone has the right to be treated with kindness, respect, and understanding. So, let's take a moment to celebrate the life and work of Annie Hopkins, and commit to creating a more accepting and inclusive world for all - one person at a time.

Devin Greene

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