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How’s your semester going?

How’s your semester going?
September 28, 20221 min read

Adjusting to life after high school can be hard.  When you add attending school or otherwise getting credentialed to the mix it can seem like an insurmountable group of unrelated, big things.  But it doesn’t have to be.  It is tempting to think that everyone around you is taking care of themselves easily and managing school and work and home and social life while you feel out of control.  In reality, you never know what everyone else struggles with. However,  the ones who keep it all together maximize the resources and support available to them.  

If you are having a hard term, it helps to zero in on what’s not working for you:  Is it the classes?  Is it a particular class?  Is it actually your schedule? Are things too close together or too far apart? Are you eating and exercising and socializing regularly? Or is it all just an interconnected mess? 

What if I told you, 

  • The key to getting things done on time isn’t knowing the deadline but knowing when to start an assignment?   

  • A good schedule includes blocks of time for work, study, exercise, classes, eating, religious/organizational, therapeutic, rest, self-care, and social activities?

  • Sometimes the best way through something is to regroup and seek out objective and strategic assistance?

  • The majority of people who attend higher education institutions don’t graduate on time?

  • C’s and B’s get degrees, a W is better than an F any day, and knowing when to quit things that are no longer serving you is a skill that can be taught?

If any of this sounds like you, there is still time to get this semester in much better shape. Life Tutors are here to help you!

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