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How to Get a Life Tutor?

How to Get a Life Tutor?
June 28, 20222 min read

Don’t give up!

We can help!

Here at My Life Tutors, we are Team Client! We support college students and professionals who are going places.  An intake session is required before entering a LifeTutoring arrangement.  The intake session helps to inform us about the client’s overall needs so we can best guide the Life Tutor as they go. Clients and LifeTutors are matched based on their backgrounds, areas of expertise, and the specific needs of our clients.  We use an app to communicate with clients on a daily basis, 5 days a week.

The beginning of the relationship between a Life Tutor and a client begins after in-take with a one-hour goal setting and device maximization session.  Then, clients set about reaching their stated goals by completing tasks that were first broken down in conjunction with the Life Tutor.  Daily check-ins help with accountability and obstacles.  

Our steps toward greater life satisfaction include daily reminders/check-ins and a weekly 30-minute reset meeting.  In each weekly meeting, the client and Life Tutor assess accomplishments, and tasks completed,  and arrange pivots to stay on track.  It takes at least 8 weeks to see any independent improvement after the modeling and guiding and accountability tracking of working with a Life Tutor.  Therefore, our contracts are a minimum of 8 weeks up to a maximum of 16 weeks.  

We strive to keep Life Tutors together with clients across contracts.  We know that the key to the client’s success is a good working relationship. To measure, we send out surveys to measure client and Life Tutor satisfaction with the arrangement.  Our company is very responsive to clients and Life Tutors.  Life Tutors are supervised weekly through data collection and meetings with their supervisors. 

Regardless of their prior training or background, our Life Tutors are trained by us!. We are invested and we know what works.  A poor match can be a waste of time and money and we like to make sure we maximize the good and fix what needs improvement as soon as possible. 

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