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Culturally Competent Coaching

December 22, 20222 min read

Creating a truly diverse and inclusive environment starts with cultural education. While embracing cultural differences may seem like common sense, it's not too common in the coaching world. From university athletic programs to corporate boardrooms, having culturally competent coaches is essential in unlocking the potential of our students and professionals. 

So what is culturally competent coaching? One definition states: "the ability of a person to effectively interact, work, and develop meaningful relationships with people of various cultural backgrounds."

Every coach should strive to understand how to best work with people from other cultures while recognizing our own limitations and biases. To be truly effective, we must approach each situation with respect and empathy -- two key components of successful cross-cultural communication. Here, we will explore why coaches must prioritize cultural competence when leading teams or individuals to success.

In The Past…
For too long standardized coaching has left many students and professionals from different cultures feeling neglected - often leading to substandard results and an inability to thrive. This coaching style fails to consider many of the potential skills that could develop through more culturally-sensitive instruction. From unique ways of learning to skill sets better suited for specific tasks, standardized coaching often needs to focus more on the needs of diverse individuals and thus is unlikely to get them the best results in their professional or academic endeavors. In a world becoming increasingly diverse, standardized coaching approaches need to evolve so that all students can reach their maximum potential.

In The Present…

In the present era of cultural diversity, culturally competent coaching is more vital than ever. Culturally competent coaches bring a higher level of understanding and awareness to their interactions with clients regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or background. With this added knowledge and understanding, Culturally Competent Coaching leads to stronger academic advising for neurotypical and neurodiverse students. As a result, these students have greater chances of on-time graduation from universities. Cultured coaches are particularly effective in helping culturally diverse students manage their cultural values while getting an appropriate education in a western environment encouraging growth on both sides. In addition to the goal of on-time graduation, culturally competent coaches can support students' well-being through the stress of adapting to Western culture and help them develop their self-confidence through positive reinforcement.

The Future…

It's time for a change in the coaching industry. The one-size-fits-all approach is no longer practical, and we need to start being more culturally competent in our coaching to see effective results. Here at My Life Tutors, our tutors are experts in diverse cultures and mindsets, and we will provide you with the best coaching experience. Click here to learn more about how our culturally competent coaches can help you or your student achieve success.

Devin Greene

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