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ADHD Burnout is real

ADHD Burnout is real
May 15, 20221 min read

While people think that ADHD is about being distracted by other things, sometimes it means being distracted by ALL the things.  For the neurotypical, millions of decisions are made through routine and habit each day. For the neurodiverse, imagine having to make all of those decisions at once, in no particular order and the decisions just keep coming and coming. All neurotypical brains aren’t the same; neither are neurodiverse brains, and the level of the decisions will also vary.  For someone who people might say “I would have never thought they weren’t neurotypical”, the masking and coping skills needed to function every day effectively can be an enormous burden.  And that can lead to ADHD burnout.  

There are things that can be done to prevent or lessen the effects of burnout including:

  1. Lists, sticky notes, visual reminders, and alarms.  Use the tools you have in your toolbox before adding a new system or gadget.

  2. Prioritize 3 things at a time.  That way you can chunk time, see time pass more frequently, and achieve smaller goals, which can lead up to bigger ones.

  3. Forge your own path.  Stop trying to fit your trapezoid brain in a square hole.  Major in the area you want - not what others are pushing you toward. Plan to spend 5 years in college instead of 4 or attend year-round so you don’t have to take as many classes at a time. Open your own business doing something you love - people with ADHD are often risk-takers and big dreamers.  

  4. Get help.  For most people help means therapy.  But a therapist won’t help you sort out your life, every day.  A coach, specifically a Life Tutor can help you.  As a matter of fact, it’s our specialty.  It’s all we do.

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