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12 College Opportunities to Offset Tuition and Fees

12 College Opportunities to Offset Tuition and Fees
February 28, 20222 min read

There is no doubt that the cost of tuition and fees to attend college is rising.  Many people, however, might need to learn how students can help offset their costs besides loans.  Here are a few of those ways:

1.  In some states, students may enroll for free college credits while simultaneously enrolled in high school.  Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia have state-level dual enrollment policies. 

2. College Level Exam Program CLEP exams are an excellent way to earn extra credits - check with your intended college to see which credits are acceptable.

3. Resident Advisors' compensation can vary but often includes housing and meals.  Inquire with the housing office about the qualifications and process to apply.

4. Juniors and Seniors with excellent grades can sometimes apply for Teaching Assistant positions, which usually pay a stipend.

5. Student Tutors may receive credit or a stipend.

6. Many professional organizations and associations have summer fellowships for students in some majors. Talk to your professors or the department office to learn more.

7. Internships are great for on-the-job training/experience, credits, or money. Inquire with career services or your major department.

8. Go to the office at your school that provides merit scholarships to inquire about competitive awards for your year.

9. Go to the Human Resources office to inquire about student jobs.  Some schools have unique positions that include tuition remission benefits.  

10. Check whether your state has in-state student scholarships for in-state high school grads attending in-state colleges and universities.  

11. For those who prefer online learning, there is a new tuition-free online university called the University of the People that offers accredited certificates and associate, bachelor's, and master’s degrees. 

12. Other free tuition colleges can be found here: 

These resources can help stretch your educational dollars and lower your need for loans to complete school.   

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